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HILL – CITY UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, LIBERIA has her heritage from INSTITUT SUPERIEUR HCUB REPUBLIC OF BENIN popularly known as HILL-CITY UNIVERSITY BENIN. HCUB/HCUST is a private university owned by a Nigerian, founded by the Brothers of Christian Instruction and Inspiration as A BILINGUA UNIVERSITY (ENGLISH AND FRENCH LANGUAGE) to accommodate students from all West Africa Countries, Africa and the World at large.

Hill-City University commenced academic activities in Republic of Benin on the 30th of MAY 2011 through its first student intakes with ACCREDITATION NUMEBR: 044 /MESRS / CAB / DC / SGM / DPP/ DGES / SA DU3O JANVIER 2013, 326 / MESRS / CAB / DC / SGM / DPP/ DGES/ DEPES / SA 19 MAY 2015 AND 327 / MESRS / CAB / DC / SGM / DPP / DGES / DEPES/SA 19 MAY 2015. Hill-City University is fully recognized by THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ABUJA, NIGERIA, NATIONAL YOUTHS SERVICE COPRS (NYSC) NIGERIA and various professional bodies or councils for the awards of professional license to practice. HCUST is on the divine train inspiring and illuminating the global generation via Education and in the way of the lord to shine as light and lead as stars!!! HILL-CITY UNIVERSITY is a city set on a Hill which cannot be hidden anywhere in the whole world.

However, the establishment of the Hill-City University of Science and Technology, Republic of Liberia is purely based on the opinions, ideas and initiatives of some renowned scholars and Christians brothers and sisters who are Liberians and Nigerians coming together to duly contribute their academics process, excellence, skills, experience, expertise to the educational sector of Republic of Liberia, commencing from the Natural Sciences perspectives to the Social and Arts Sciences later in the future as the entire milieu or environment of our dear country Liberia would demand from time to time. Hence, the involvement of both Liberians and Nigerians in the university project.


The University is conceived as a center of learning and research of distinction; combining academic excellence with love of humanity, borne out of a God-fearing attitude, in accordance with the Pentecostal ethical behaviors, social responsibility and democratic ethos. The guiding philosophy of the University is Excellence and Godliness.


The vision of the University is to be one of the foremost institution to producing first pioneer and subsequent graduates in various professional/ academic fields, who combine academic excellence rooted in the fear of God with a strong sense of ethical responsibility, towards the development of the society at large with an end-point of good human living and better health for all no matter the race, region, nor how interior your habitation in the most interior part of the globe, Good health, excellent education and excellent academic environment and God’s Divine Inspirations are not negotiable (this is our calling). They are gifts from God to humanity.


The mission is to provide high quality, morally sound and socially relevant education, in the, most costly-effective positive manner, to all its students, irrespective of gender, race, colour, ethnicity or religion. The University is to develop, promote and run as a unique Christian institution with the following distinctive features:

• Unquestionable Christian morality/Discipline

• Vocational and apprenticeship orientation towards the full employment of its products and

• A work-study programme of activities to instill work ethics and self-reliance in students.


The motto of the University is “ILLUMINATING GENERATIONS”. This emphasizes the importance the University attach to the attainment of Best Education imbibed with Godliness (fear of God) as Related to Human health and good living in all its programmes and training. This motto is the trailblazer of all academic pursuits in the University.


(i) The Objectives of the Institution

The main objective of the university is to provide high quality, comprehensive educational and training opportunities that are compatible to changing needs of the students. Through its academic programs, the university prepares its students for the challenges of the 21stcentury/beyond and empowers them to meet the need of a rapidly changing world. The university is dedicated to providing faculty, staff, and students with the environment and infrastructure that help them develop potential for scholarship, creative work, professional realization, and service. In fulfilling the mission of the university

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